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LMIV labeling

"The Food Information Regulation (EU-VO 1169/2011), or" LMIV "for short, has been in force since December 13, 2014. With this regulation, the European Union aims to provide consumers with the most comprehensive information possible on the foods they consume, and thereby to contribute both to the protection of consumer health and to the consumer's right to information. "

Labeling additives ZZuIV

15 dyes

16 preservatives 

17 antioxidants

18th  Flavor enhancers

19 sulfur dioxide 

20 blackening agents 

21 phosphate 

22 milk protein 

23 contains caffeine 

24 contains quinine 

25 waxed 

26 taurine 

27 contains a source of phenylalanine 

28 with sweeteners 

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